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Historical Background

Lab Assist Zimbabwe was established as a supplier of all laboratory equipment, chemicals and reagents to Clinical Laboratories, Universities and Schools. The company was registered on the 7th of May 1998. Laboratory services are paramount in the health sector, agriculture, mining, manufacturing food handling and education. The company has enjoyed a growth spurt from the time of its formation to be the country’s leading supplier of molecular diagnostic solutions today.


We endeavour to become the market leader in the supply of quality Clinical, Diagnostic and Analytical products in the Health and Industrial sectors.

Mission Statement

  • To be the Customer’s first choice supplier in Diagnostic, Clinical and Industrial products.
  • To consistently maintain a record quality earnings growth.
  • To become the preferred Employer, or Employee’s first choice.
  • To be the first with every New Technology.

Company Values

  • A sense of belonging
  • Team spirit
  • Community awareness