In Partnership With


  • To supply reagents and chemicals as well as Equipment used in Laboratories, (Medical and Analytical), Schools, Universities and other Laboratories, which may require the use of such material.

  • To carry out repairs and maintenance of all Hospital and Laboratory Equipment, to carry out installation and demonstrations of all Hospital and Laboratory Equipment, to offer tutorship to personnel involved in the use of the different types of the Equipment supplied.

  • To establish business as importers, agents as well as such work as clearing and forwarding houses do.

  • To act as buying and selling agents for the other Companies, Organisations, Hospitals, Teaching Laboratories and Universities.

  • To distribute by way of Dividend, or Bonus, amongst the members such as assets belonging to the Company as may be determined by the Company, and in particular, shares, stocks, debentures or securities of any other Company held by, or otherwise belonging to the Company, but so that no distribution amounting to a reduction of Capital to be made except with the sanction, (if any), for the time being by law.

  • To enter into guarantees and suretyship of every description, and to give guarantees for payment of money or the performance of any undertaking.

  • To develop and turn to account any land acquired by, or in which the Company is interested, and in particular, by laying out and preparing the same for building purposes, construction, altering, pulling down, plastering, painting, decorating, maintaining, furnishing and fitting buildings.

  • To carry out the trade or business, (either manufacturing, wholesale or retail of general traders, importers, exporters, commodity brokers), and general manufacturers, representatives and general agents, to hold agencies and transact all kinds of agency business, and to undertake and execute contracts in relation to any, or all of the business hereinafter set forth, to undertake and perform subcontracts, and also to act in any of the business of the Company through means of agents, or subcontractors.

  • To acquire by grants, purchase license or otherwise, and patent rights, copyrights, trademarks protection and concessions which appear likely to be advantageous, or useful to the Company, which it may be desirable for the Company to possess, and to use, and to turn to account and to manufacture, under grant or license of privileges in respect of the same, and to spend money in experimenting upon and testing, and improving, or seeking to improve any patents, inventions, or rights which the Company may acquire, or propose to acquire.

  • To borrow money on such terms and to such extent as the Directors of the Company may deem expedient, and in particular, by issue of bills of sale, mortgages, debentures or debenture stock, perpetual or otherwise, charged upon the whole, or any part of the Company’s undertaking, upon such terms as the Directors may for the time being think fit, and to redeem, purchase or pay off on such securities.

  • To invest and deal with monies of the Company, not immediately required upon such securities, and in such a manner as may from time to time be determined by the Directors.