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Blood Grouping & Typing AntiSera

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Spanclone is a Monoclonal Agglutination Sera for the Determination of Human Blood groups (ABO).

  • High avidity with clear cut visible agglutination.
  • High antibody titer.
  • No cross reactivity with acquired B Antigen.
  • Free from HIV-1/2 antibodies, anti-HCV antibodies and HBsAg.
  • Colour coded reagents for ease of identification and interpretation, confirming to international Standards.
  • AABB, FDA & NIBSC guideline, (UK) are followed for standard.
  • Available Blood Grouping & Typing Antisera are
    • SpanClone Anti – A, Anti-B & Anti-AB (Monoclonal).
    • SpanClone Anti-D (Rho) (Monoclonal) – IgM & IgG+IgM.
    • Anti_Human (Coomb’s) Serum.
    • Anti-A1 Lectin.
    • Bovine Albumin 22%.


*This product isn’t approved by FDA or CFDA.


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