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Test Strips Urine H10 (Dirui) 10 Parameter X 100

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Simple to use, urine diagnostic reagent strips
Tests for 10 parameters
Strips are not air activated therefore last full shelf life
Suitable for use by medical professionals and for users at home
Provide early indications of developing health problems and identify potential abnormal functions requiring more extensive testing
Routine use is frequently recommended for monitoring certain existing and chronic health conditions
The reagent pads react with the sample urine to provide a visible color reaction within 30 seconds to one minute depending on the specific panel screen
Tests for URS-K (Ketones) URS-3 (Glucose, Protein, pH) and URS-10 (Glucose, Protein pH, Leukocytes, Nitrites, Ketones, Bilirubin, Blood, Urobilinogen, and Specific Gravity)
10 Parameter – Pack of 100



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