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WIDAL Antigen Set (Slide / Tube)

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Stained Salmonella Antigen for Slide & Tube Tests Antigens are prepared from specially selected smooth, nonfimbriate strains.

  • Uncompromised sensitivity and accuracy with uniform clump formation.
  • Multiple pack sizes and long shelf life (18 months).
  • Reagents are supplied in USP type 1 amber colored glass vial and offered in different combinations.
    • 2 Antigens set – O & H.
    • 4 Antigen set – O, H, AH & BH.
    • 8 Antigens set – O, H, AH, AO, BO, BH, CO & CH.
  • Also available in Tube test.

*This product isn’t approved by FDA or CFDA.



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